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Monet FortArt & Design

Lunar Fusion is unconventional inspiration which detonates new ideas. I’m a multimedia designer, front-end web developer, and fine artist based in Atlanta.

Design Professional

I design for both print and digital media. I specialize in taking web-based designs and UI systems from mockup to fully functional website, webpage, or CMS theme. I am versed in CSS, Drupal 8, and git.

  • Web/UI Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Print
  • HTML Emails

Visual Artist

I work primarily in oil on canvas and graphite on paper. I explore dreams, alternate realities, magic realism, spiritualism and fantasy. I'm a member of the Atlanta School of Visionary Art, a local collective which explores art as a spiritual outlet.

  • Oil Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Electronic Art
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About Me

Want to get to know me better? See me "about" page.