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Creativity is about making new connections between ideas and between people.

Professional Skills


I've been an in-house designer for web and print for 16 years. I specialize in websites and web-based content, interactive web applications, CMS sites, animated graphics and videos, publications, and a variety of print materials.

Motion Graphics

I design and produce educational shorts and animated explainer videos like this. I also create short artistic clips for electronic art.

Front-end Web Development

I code websites by hand (like the one you're on right now). I also use the Bootstrap 4 framework, Wordpress, and Drupal. I work in collaborative development environments which utilize git and github for version control. I especially enjoy making interactive graphics like this.


I love to teach myself. Living in the age of information means that whatever it is you want to learn, you can find a way. We have a wide variety of learning opportunities in the form of conventional classrooms, online classes, open source communities, and the skillful use of search engines. It is a good time to be a self-motivated creative learner.

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Ways to Connect






HTML Emails

Technical Expertise


  • Magazine/Editorial
  • Advertisements
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web design / UI
  • Digital Interactive Graphics
  • CMS-bases sites

Web Development

  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Drupal 7/8
  • Wordpress
  • HTML Emails


  • Copywriting (short & long-form)
  • Illustration (traditional/digital)
  • Photo editing
  • Sound editing

Professional Awards and Honors

UPCEA 2014 Excellence in Marketing

Bronze award for the Interactive Media: e-Communications category.The project that won was a company e-newsletter which I helped to design and coded for html emails and html templates.

UPCEA 2014 Excellence in Marketing

Bronze award in the category Interactive Media: Online Display Ads. I designed a series of animated web ads promoting our problem solving courses.

UPCEA 2014 Excellence in Marketing

Silver award for Interactive Media: Miscellaneous Interactive Media category. The award was for a content marketing initiative including a white paper download, landing page, form, and automated email (each connected by sign-ups and scheduled event triggers) encouraging people to sign up for our ISO courses.

UPCEA 2014 Excellence in Marketing

Silver award in the category Interactive Media: Miscellaneous Interactive Media. This award was for our animated holiday card, my first motion graphics project.

2017 CASE III Award of Excellence

Electronic and Digital Media category for Magazine or Publication Rendering for Tablet or Mobile Technology. For the story "Racing Roots" which explored Georgia Tech's connection to Nascar and racing technology.

2019 UCDA Design Competition Honorable Mention

Recruitment Category For the gatefold mailer "Search Piece" featuring a series of landing pages for each of 4 categories of majors.

Artistic Skills

Oil Painting

I began painting as a child and never stopped. Painting has never been my academic or professional focus and the majority of my growth as an artist has been independent, with a focus on oil as my medium and mystical nudes and creatures as my subjects.

I began with characters of myth and fantasy and I've grown to explore more abstract archetypes and dreamlike concepts. My style is romantic, sometimes surreal, and often visionary. I often have a narrative or symbolism in mind when I begin but I prefer to be a little covert about those narratives because I believe that the stories my audience imagines are just as valid as the story I began with. We are all creative, connected creatures.

I do not currently take commissions or sell my originals. Digital and giclee reproductions are available.


I began attending burns and multi-media art parties in 2008. I was inspired by interactive art installations I saw which invited the audience to suspend their disbelief and immerse in a more magical world. I noticed a growing number of artists using technology to create magic.

I'm keen on the idea that science is magic. Our growing understanding of the laws of reality inspire wonder. With technology, we are able to take our understanding of science and use it to turn ourselves into magicians.

Through interactive electronic art, first I hope to invite my audience to suspend their disbelief and enjoy a sense of wonder and magic. Second, I hope to inspire them with the idea that anyone can use science and technology to create magic of their own.

Artist portrait of Monet with her paintings
Monet at the easel
Monet painting live with friends

I paint in my home studio and at live events.