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Monet Fort - Graphic Design, Front End Web Development, and Fine Art

innovation animation

Animated Gifs

This a collection of animations created for online content. They have been featured in articles, in HTML emails, and in completed web designs.


  • Motion Graphics


  • Digital design
  • Animation (After Effects)
  • Gif conversion

Small Animated Graphics

hans device animation

Demonstration of the Hans Device engineered for car racing safety. This graphic was created for this feature article: "The Need for Speed: Georgia Tech’s Racing Roots, Part II"

supernova machine

This animation shows the action of machine developed to study the gas emissions produced by supernovas. It was created for this feature article: "This Supernova in a Lab Mimics the Cosmic Blast's Splendid Aftermath"

fireworks animation

Celebrate Georgia Tech: a celebration of philanthropic donations reaching a yearly goal. Used on various landing pages.

phone photos animation

"Where is Buzz?" social media engagement. Students were sent a small 3D model of Buzz, the Georgia Tech mascot, and encouraged to take photos with him and post #whereisbuzz on social media.

twinkling buildings animation

Small experimental header graphic.

sound waves animation

Small header graphic for a research news story.

How to Pay for College:

graduates animation
crossroads animation
college debt animation
walking animation

The above graphics featured in an article about various financial aid options available to students in Georgia.

Full Width Animated Headers

Georgia map animation

A review of the university president's yearly state tour.

robots animation

Header for an article about the Robotarium, a laboratory in which people all over the world can remotely run code and study their algorithms on actual robots.

world map animation

Header for an article about university faculty who conduct research around the world.